I tried something new today. I left the comfort of running my usual few miles up and down the flat main street in my small city for trail running. It was absolutely beautiful. The redwoods were tall and green. The sound of the water flowing in the river followed me almost the whole way. And I was cranky and impatient. The trial was uneven, uphill, and unpredictable. It felt as if this run took so much longer than my usual route even though it was the same distance.

But did I really wish I had stuck to the loud and busy road I was used to? I had done it a million times and it was becoming so boring. So no, not really.

What was happening was I was learning a new skill and it was scary. But what exactly was I afraid of? Someone suggested to me that the fear of a new experience comes from the idea that we will never be the same again. It will change us and this unfamiliar thing will become a part of us forever.

So which road are you taking today?